New Year, New Goals, New Dreams

IMG_2634  Dubai at night

Ahhh 2015 the beginning of a new year.  What are your hopes and dreams for this year…..

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas period with your loved ones, I had a great one 🙂  a very happy, fun and love filled day just as it should be.

The end of 2014 was a great one, I saw the New Year in with my baby in Dubai, a great show and meetings were had.  The fireworks at midnight were absolutely STUNNING!!!  I’ve never seen anything like it, it was really spectacular.  I haven’t been to Dubai in a few years but it has developed so much over the last few years, it’s amazing the level of growth that has happened there.  I absolutely love the weather there it was gloriously hot (mid 20’s) in December which seems weird after leaving the UK in the cold frosty weather, but we were happy to feel the sun and not have to wear jackets, it was sad to have to leave the sun behind though when we flew out 😦

Pics from Dubai:

Dubai Photo Collage - Blk border

Check out the Fireworks display from NYE,  I think this won the Guinness World Record.


So looking back at 2014, I guess I should start by reviewing my goals, that’s always a good way to start the New Year.
My main goal for 2014 was to release my own music under my own name, which I achieved in 2014 with a lot of help from my wonderful baby who believed in my dream as did I.

Over the years in my career I have sung many many times for other people on their recordings often called “featuring“, but creating my own album was the first time I would sing on my own music where I had a say in how the music sounded and what I wanted the style to be etc.

Having my own music out has been a goal I’ve wanted to achieve for many years but the conditions have never been right or I’ve never had the opportunity to work with someone who had the time to help me.  So it means a lot to me to have accomplished that as I had almost given up hope having had a few false starts, but I never gave up, I knew it would happen.

So I’ve I left 2014 with a great sense of achievement as I had finally released my own EP the title is called “Elements”, having worked with an amazing Producer Stuart Trotman (my baby) on the EP I was really happy with the finished product.  I was even privileged enough to have the single “CHANGE MY HEART” remixed by wonderful talented producers who are also colleagues and friends of mine, remixes are by:  Chops Man & Distant People, Kyoto Jazz Massive, DJ Kawasaki and Challi Murphy.

The EP and single remixes were well received and made it to No.4 in the UK Underground Soul Chart after four weeks in the Top 10 so I was really chuffed.  I was even getting a little airplay in the USA which was really amazing.  It was really hard work for us getting the EP done and putting it out there, setting up our own label to get the music out there was a lot of hard work in the background but it was well worth it when the feedback was so positive once the music was out, and really inspires us to move on to making the next one.

Take a listen to the EP here

If you love house music listen to the remixes here

So what did you achieve in 2014 that you are proud of, let me know in the comments below.

Looking ahead now into 2015 I think about what my goals will be now, I’ve listed a few of my goals below:

*  Release a follow up EP or album 
*  Go on a proper holiday (I didn’t get one last year) 
*  Spend more time with family & friends 
*  Expand my business 
*  Incorporate more cardiovascular in my routine (I’m sure this is on almost everybody’s list this year)  I need it especially for energy on live shows. 

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My Thought for Today:

Keep reaching for your dreams, reach for the stars and don’t give up on what you want to achieve, tweak it and even change it but never give up!!

Tasita D’Mour